19.09.2019: Nano- and Micromotors Designed for Cancer Therapy : our review is now online in the special issue on Nanomaterials for Cancer Diagnosis and Therapy in the mdpi journal “Molecules”

20.07.2019 Our article on sperm-particle interactions included in the Hot Topic: Surfaces and Interfaces!

15.07.2019 Our article on “Characterization of Flagellar Propulsion of Soft Microrobotic Sperm in a Viscous Heterogeneous Medium” was accepted in Frontiers in Robotics and AI in the special topic “Biologically Inspired Microrobots“.

05.07.2019 The special session on “Similarities and differences between biological and artificial microrobots” at MARSS 2019 was a full success! Thanks to Giovanni and Giorgio Volpe, Maria Guix and Ambarish Gosh for your contributions!

01.07.2019 Our proof-of-concept article onSperm-particle interactions and their prospects for charge mapping” was accepted in Advanced Biosystems! Congrats to all coauthors! I look forward to deeper insights into the surface charge changes of spermatozoa.

12.06.2019 Proud to have Prof. Susan Suarez from Cornell University here as an expert on sperm migration and speaker in the Microswimmers Lecture Series.

12.06.2019 Come out for the Long Night of Science and see “Sperm cells in the spotlight in their whole variety” 

03.06.2019: Congrats to Islam Khalil and team on our paper on “Modeling of Spermbots in a Viscous Colloidal Suspension”. Now available in Advanced Theory and Simulations.

10.04.2019 I am excited to organize a special session on “Similarities and differences between biological and artificial Microrobots” together with Juliane Simmchen at the upcoming MARSS conference in Helsinki. If you are interested in giving a talk in this session, feel free to contact me!

14.03.2019 Join for one of the exciting guests in our Microswimmers Lecture Series at TU Dresden!

06.12.2018 Check out my upcoming invited seminars at U Birmingham on 13.12.18 and DAMTP at U Cambrige  on 14.12.18.

05.12.2018 Thanks to Dave Smith for his inspiring lecture on “Self-propulsion in viscoelastic media” as part of our international Microswimmers lecture series! Lots of interesting aspects in terms of sperm motion in viscous media.

21.11.2018 @Nanobiomed Conference in Barcelona learning lots about recent advances in nanomedicine, nanomotors and related applications in biological and medical applications. Check out the program:

28.09.2018 Thanks Tom Montenegro-Johnson for the wonderful introductory lecture to “Physics of motion on the microscale”! Check out the upcoming lectures of the Microswimmer Lecture Series of the TU Dresden!

19.09.2018 First reading seminar of the Microswimmer Lecture series started today! We talked about Low reynolds Number hydrodynamics and two classic papers from Taylor 1951 and Purcell 1977. Check out the schedule and updates on the microswimmers website of the TU Dresden.

18.09.2018 A nice day trip to Dr. Boryshpolet’s Lab of Reproductive Physiology in Vodnany. Lots of interesting things to learn about sperm motion tracking, fish sperm and a lot more…

17.09.2018 Welcome Clara Ridzewski as student assistent in our team!

16.07.2018 Thanks to assistant professor Dr. Islam Khalil for visiting our lab and installing a magnetic control setup for the remote control of magnetic microobjects. He also shared his exciting work on several microrobots ( Looking forward to continuing this fruitful collaboration!


08.05.2018 I will be participating in the XIIIth Spermatology Symposium in Stockholm on the upcoming weekend. Here is my poster contribution. My talk on Saturday will be about “Sperm motion and metabolism under physiological conditions”.

23.04.2018 Our Feature Article on “Swimming Microrobots: Soft, Reconfigurable, and Smart” has been published in Advanced Functional Materials with the colleagues from IFW.

03.04.2018 Welcome to Samar Elthoukhy as Nanobiophysics master student. She will investigate physical effects on sperm migration for her master thesis in co-supervision with Prof. Braun and Prof. Reinhardt.

Also welcome to Johannes Gebauer (Biology student) who will support us as SHK!


22.01.2018: I am invited to give a guest lecture on Biohybrid microswimmers as part of the Erasmus Mundus program on February 20th at 5pm at the BIOTEC, Tatzberg 47/49, Dresden, seminar room E05. It will also be broadcasted to Leuven, Chalmers and Grenoble. Feel free to join! Here is the schedule of the whole lecture series: Brochure Capita Selecta2017-2018


08.01.2018: Invitation to take part in the Gameeting – a get-together for scientists in Dresden that work with sperm or egg cells and topics related to fertility, sperm motility and more. It will take place on February 27th 2018 at the Biological Institutes. Email me if you would like to participate!


13.12.2017: I am honoured to be a topic editor of the article collection on Biologically Inspired Microrobots in Frontiers in Robotics and AI – Biomedical Robotics. It is now open for submission!

05.12.2017: My colleague Haifeng Xu and our team from MNBE group published an article on sperm-driven hybrid micromotors for targeted drug delivery in ACS Nano. Congratulations!